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26 mile hike for Macmillan for Macmillan Cancer Support

Therapeutic woodwork and craft activities for adults with disabilities in Derby

26 mile hike for Macmillan for Macmillan Cancer Support

Just before Christmas my best friend lost his mum to cancer. Some of you will know Bridget and know how much of a beautiful, special person she was.
For her boys this happened so suddenly and it was unexpected.
Both of them have been so brave throughout all of this and have repeatedly said how amazing Macmillan were with there mum.

As individuals all we can hope for with tragic events like this, Is for amazing people like Macmillan, to be around to help us through the dark times.

Hence why I have chosen to do this Hike. Im sure everyone can relate to this in one way or another whether it be family or friends. So please, its for an amazing cause. Donate what you can.

Also I tried to get some practice in today. I managed 9 miles and my feet are killing this was mainly on flat ground. So I can assure you its not going to be easy. Please see comments below as to how to donate.

We miss you Bridget, gone but never forgotten and always in our hearts xxxx



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